How To Use Google Keyword Planner

Dear user, are you going to make website or channel even if you have made all this then you need to know how to search keyword for making content or videos or somethings else. Do you know google has most powerful tools to find best and top searches keyword planner? today we have demonstrated about how to use google keyword planner effectively. In this article you will discern google keyword planner pertaining all information that will help you to increase your visitors in your website. If you understand this then you may gain much organic traffic per months. It’s very easy to learn however you should know the correct way that you can bring as much as visitor in your website or any channel. Here we will teach you many significant topics that you must read till the very end. So without procrastinate come with ease and follow us to the very end.

How Do I Use Google Keyword Planner

Now we are going to know how to use google keyword planner to find best and most popular keyword. So gradually follow every details regrading this. Hope this article will be most helpful to yours.

1) Create a Google Ads Account

To use google keyword planner first you need to create a google ads account. It is crucial to run this, however if you does not have any google ads account we would suggest you that make an account first and it will take few minutes not more then that, after that you have to go to the home page of the google ads and need to hit the start now button and than you have to select your account and do sign in this google ads account.

After doing sing in successfully google ads will work on your account to run your first ad. Then next process is you may add your credit card information to run your ads even you may not add your card information, it’s depend on you.

2) Access The Google Keyword Planner

Now we will now how to access the google keyword planner. After create your account you need to open that and then hit the “Tools and Setting” option from the right side and then a drop down manu will come out and from then select Keyword planner option and you will see the two option and that two options are –

  • Forecast & Get Search Volume – You will get this options to find out the keyword search volume, new trend and forecast to your preferable keyword.
  • Find out New Keyword – You can gain much traffic for you website because this option will give you new keyword searches idea.

3) Should to Find out New Keyword Option

Next thing is, after choosing your new keyword you will get two more option and that is start with keyword & Start with Website.

4) Get Forecast and Search Volume Option

To get a search volume and forecast option you will get a box and you have to enter your keyword and the click “Get Started” option. After clicking google will show you total number of clicks, total impression, average position, cost and CPC etc that you can expect for the next months.

4 Types of Keyword planner

Do you know how many keyword are there, if you do not know then go below and follow us to the very end.

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