Top 8 Job Search Engines For 2022

Job! Who doesn’t want a job? In this crucial time everyone needs a job and everyone wants a job. Having a CV on hand and roaming around the city to find a job is actually stressful. That is why we are providing you job search engines with which you can easily find a job for you. There are plenty of search engines, but we have researched and found the best ones for you. The authenticity and the success rate is very high for these. So here are some for you.

Top 8 Job Search Engines For 2022

Here below you can real all top 8 search engines for 2022

1 . LinkedIn

Let’s be honest, it’s unfair if we talk about online job opportunities and don’t say LinkedIn! LinkedIn has 830 million users and is one of fastest career growing websites for the job seekers . Be it a fresher or an experienced workaholic, LinkedIn is a choice for many. 

First you have to create a LinkedIn account. It’s almost the same as creating an account on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter or any other social media sites. Then you have to create a ‘Profile’, (preferably a formal one) and you’re good to go. It allows users to post their resumes and employers to post their job vacancies.

2 . Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an American website to review many companies by current and former employees. And it is anonymous. Glassdoor allows its users to submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform. Glassdoor in India is a big name and currently has a huge number of audience. The company’s site shows 41 million unique users also about 5,800 paying employer clients or partners respectively. The whole process is anonymous . That is why Glassdoor makes it through top job search engines. 

3. Google for jobs

 A brand new entry in the field of job search engines. Google for jobs is a go for many. The prior reason is the brand – ‘Google’ , because come on, you can’t get scammed under google. Google brings together their list of job posting job postings across the web, and thus keeps the international buzz. It does not really matter if they are on websites run by small businesses groups or job sites with hundreds and thousands of listings , Google does provide everything you need. This helps job hunters easily find their next job from a direct Search. There are two simple methods : 

  • You post or aggregate jobs on your website. 
  • You use a third-party to post jobs. 

That’s it! So simple and interesting! 

4. AngleList Talent

Claimed as world’s #1 startup community ,AngleList Talent specialized in technical talent and opportunities . If you are someone who loves taking risks and right now thinking about something new for your career, you should check this out. This siye offers unique jobs at startups and tech companies you can’t find anywhere. Your profile is all you need, one click to apply and you are done. Everything you need to know – salary and stock options are precisely available on this website. It also 

connects job seekers directly with founders at top startups.  Third party recruiters are not allowed. It shows showcase & search by remote job preferences step by step. 

5. Indeed

Indeed is an overall amazing app and website and search engine for job. Using Indeed is same as using a general search engine such as : Google. You can quickly search from the Indeed homepage . Here is how : 

  • In the “what” box, you have to type a description of the kind of job you are looking for – such as a job title, skills needed , or  name of the employer. 
  • In the where box, type the city or the locality , the state, or the zip/ pin code where you want to find a job , basically the address preference. 
  • Then you have to click on the Find Jobs or press the Enter button on your keyboard. 

6. Monster

As the name suggests, Monster is the elephant in the field of job search engines . 

Monster indeed does a good job reaching out to the job finders . In fact, many applicant tracking systems (ATSes) and recruiting software services also tend to post to Monster in order to hire people. It is a famous job board for job seeking candidates around the whole world. Monster India is currently doing its best. You can apply for gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia through Monster . 

Monster only allows their registered employers to search through a database of their own, list open positions, and contact potential candidates on their website.

7. Scouted

Are you a new college pass out ? Want a job for experiencing the work life? Scouted is the best option for you then . Scouted has huge number of job opportunities for freshers and young men and women. It works as regular search engines. List yourself today and get a job of your choice. 

8. Snagajob

This is place for hourly work. People who love to work in a hourly manner can apply for this. Create your own profile so that jobs can find you. Also, in this place you can work hourly at anything you love. Also, don’t be mistaken by this as a freelancing workfield . 

Other than these, there are many more search engines for job. Make sure to remember that scammers are everywhere. So do check if the authority is authentic or not. Best of luck! 

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